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Introducing... the Howdenshire Piano Appeal

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

This post has been written by the Howdenshire Music Project - the non-profit community group which organises the Howden Minster lunchtime concert series, in close partnership with the Minster.

As some of you may be aware, the loaned piano which has been used in the lunchtime concert series is, sadly, in very poor condition. The piano is well over 100 years old, so it's not surprising - but it does pose a bit of a dilemma for us! On the advice of our piano technician, we have decided to start a fundraising campaign to buy a new community grand piano which will be permanently housed at Howden Minster.

A new high-quality grand piano will be an amazing investment for the future of music in the Howdenshire area. The piano would be used for all sorts of concerts, community events, schools workshops, rehearsals and other activities for many years to come, opening up opportunities for young musicians and established artists, and enhancing music-making in the area for audiences and performers alike. We have many exciting plans in place, including work with local schools, 'celebrity' classical concerts at the Minster, and of course the continuation of our free lunchtime concert series - but, to go ahead, they all require a reliable and good quality piano.

A FEURICH grand piano

We are incredibly fortunate to have the support of the FEURICH piano company, based in Vienna, who have very generously loaned us one of their concert grand instruments for the rest of this year's lunchtime concert series. The piano arrived at the Minster last week and you can see its arrival below - the soundtrack is Debussy's La Cathédrale engloutie (The Submerged Cathedral) played on the FEURICH 218 Concert I grand piano once it had been set up:

FEURICH have said:

FEURICH is proud to support the Howdenshire Music Project and is supplying the grand piano for all of their concerts this season. The FEURICH 218 Concert I will feature in all the concerts at Howden Minster, commencing with a performance by Italian pianist Graziana Presicce on Monday 27th July.
We are happy to sponsor this wonderful concert series, with first-class musicians, by providing our state-of-the-art concert piano, the FEURICH 218 Concert I. We will be publishing footage of the concerts on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and hope you enjoy the wonderful music to come.
For more info about FEURICH pianos, please contact

We can't wait to share with you the upcoming chamber music lunchtime concerts which will be filmed at Howden Minster on this FEURICH piano over the next few months - they will all be available to watch for free online on our YouTube and Facebook channels. We will be showcasing a variety of outstanding pianists, cellists, flautists, violinists and singers!

An appeal for funding

Sadly, in November 2020 at the conclusion of our concert series, this wonderful FEURICH piano will have to be returned - that is, unless we can raise enough money to buy it outright for our local community and give it a permanent home at Howden Minster.

We know that times are challenging, but if you feel able to donate in any way towards the Howdenshire Piano Appeal we'd be hugely grateful for your support. You can donate online via our JustGiving page:

Or please do contact us directly if you'd prefer to donate via a different method.

Thank you.


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