The Howdenshire Piano Appeal

Update: 1 December 2020

Amazing news - the Howdenshire Piano Appeal has reached its target! Thanks to your incredible support and generosity, the FEURICH 218 piano featured in this year's online concerts will be staying permanently in Howden Minster.

This wonderful piano will allow our free lunchtime concert series to continue for years to come, and it will also be a lasting resource for our community including local schools, Howden Minster, music groups and young people.

We would like to thank each and every one of you who donated to the Piano Appeal. Your support is so very much appreciated.

A thank you message from Steven Goulden, chairman of the Howdenshire Music Project:

About the Piano Appeal

July 2020 saw the launch of the Howdenshire Piano Appeal, organised by the Howdenshire Music Project. The Piano Appeal raised funds to buy a new FEURICH 218 Concert 1 grand piano, to be based in Howden Minster. A new piano was needed to ensure the continuation of the free lunchtime concert series at Howden Minster and to become a lasting resource available for everyone in our local community, including schools, community groups and young people. In December 2020 the Howdenshire Piano Appeal reached its target.

Why was a new grand piano needed?

The Howdenshire Music Project is a charitable organisation which organises free lunchtime concerts in Howden Minster. In previous years, these concerts took place using a loaned grand piano which was over 100 years old and was deteriorating quickly. The project was advised by a professional technician that the best option was to purchase a new, high quality instrument to be based in Howden Minster and to become a resource for our local community for decades to come.

We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to purchase a magnificent new FEURICH 218 Concert I grand piano. Whilst we were fundraising,  FEURICH generously loaned this instrument to the project for use in the 2020 lunchtime concert series which was presented online. 


The 2020 online lunchtime concerts are all viewable on the 'Howdenshire Music Project' YouTube and 'Howdenshire Music Project' Facebook channels.

How will the new piano benefit our local area?

This wonderful new FEURICH 218 Concert 1 grand piano will ensure that:

  • Free high quality concerts continue and are open to everyone in the Howdenshire area (and further afield), making music more accessible for all

  • Local schools and other community groups are able to further their music-making in the form of concerts, workshops and other events

  • The concert experience is greatly improved for audiences and musicians - the new piano will provide enhanced sound quality and attract exceptional performers to Howden and the surrounding area

  • There is a long-term community instrument in the Howdenshire area for everyone to use and benefit from, especially young musicians and people/groups who would not otherwise have access to a high quality piano


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